Student Assessment Testing

I firmly believe that all children are highly capable. If a child is performing at one or two grade levels behind his/her placement in school, the Math Logic Teaching method and its curriculum will close this gap. I have been able to prove this in elementary school, middle, and high school levels. The key is to recognize their deficiency and work from where they are to fill in the gap.

Children with disablitites, such as ADD or ADHD, can take the same test as all children. Further assessment can be done upon parent request.

Parents, teachers, psychologists, and administrators can order an in-depth assessment test that includes the following for each grade level:

  1. Computational skills
  2. Logical and sequential thinking skills
  3. Number and geometric patterns
  4. Algorithms and in-depth math problems
  5. Practical real life applications
  6. Ability to design with a given set of constraints

Test for All Children

Students will be evaluated on grade level state standards, ability to analyze a given situation (a real life application), and how to solve the given applications. Then a summary evaluation will be written with recommendations on how to help students improve their current math skills in order to meet state standards.

Test for Gifted Children

This test is written to assess students who can perform at least 2 grade levels ahead compared to their placement. Many logic problems are included in these assessment tests. Children who score at least 95% on this test should be recommended for a full day gifted program.

*Note: Tests will soon be available for purchase. If you have any questions please contact us.