An Innovative Teaching Tool

The Numero Cube System is an innovative teaching tool that is aligned with K-4th grade Washington State Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALRs), Grade Level Expectations (GLEs), and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).


  1. Number representation, place value, and the Base 10 System
  2. Conversion from standard form into expanded form
  3. Number decomposition
  4. The counting principle (odd and even numbers)
  5. Number comparison
  6. Addition and subtraction
  7. Multiplication, factoring and division
  8. Pre-algebra

This system of learning will meet the individual need for English Language Learners, ADD, ADHD, Autistic, and IEP students.


An article about The Numero Cube System was written in the Chinook, the West Seattle High School newspaper by students Haily Hage and Nathan Solis:

Invention patented by one of WSHS's own

By Haily Hage & Nathan Solis

Math teacher, Huong Nguyen, is the creator of the Numero Cube System. Her invention has two patents and is receiving its third shortly. The Numero Cube System will be available for purchase around May 1, 2012.

After seven years of hard work and perserverance, Huong was able to bring her idea of the Numero Cube to life. Although, her project was mostly taken on alone, she was able to complete her project due to her creativity, mathematical thinking, and funding.

"I had no one to help me," said Huong. "I was only able to do this after school on a part time basis while teaching full time."

The Numero Cube System teaches the math concepts of base 10 numbers, place value, adding, subtracting, multiplication, division, and pre-algebra. Huong's mission is the make children better students who can think analytically, logically, and creatively in mathematics. It gives children a physical image of numbers that has not been done before. With these basic ideas, children will build a strong foundation for math applications.

"This system addresses many Washington State standards," said Huong. "It works for all children and they will love learning mathematics using this system."

On March 29, 2012, Huong received an award from the Alliance for Education. Five recipients will receive the Alliance for Education Award and received one thousand dollars.

The journey to create her idea was long, yet Huong never gave up and remained persistant. Her ingenuity will be tested in both kindergarten and a fifth grade class. She will also be presenting her system to local middle schools.

Huong showed her invention to former West Seattle High School teacher Neil Rockwell's engineering design class at Madison Middle School on Monday, March 26, 2012. The system will be piloted at a couple schools including Schmitz Park Elementary and Pathfinder. It will be tested in regular and special needs classes next school year.

Huong's work paid off and she has been sincerely humbled. After arriving in America 37 years ago, she has continued to educate children. She attended the University of Tennessee and Purdue, earning her masters in electrical engineering.

"I am very grateful for everything that is happening now," said Huong. "I overcame so many obstacles and perservered through it all to get to where I am today."

If interested in purchasing the Numero Cube System, it can be purchased on Huong's website: